Toyota Auris Review

The Auris was designed to replace Toyota’s long running Corolla. The Toyota Corolla was produced for approximately forty years. Toyota has spent a good five years planning and developing the Auris in the hope that the Auris will enjoy similar levels of popularity.

The Auris has been designed to specifically appeal to the tastes of European drivers. The Toyota Auris provides plenty of cabin and passenger space and focuses on a comfortable driving experience.

The Auris boasts an exterior design that takes cues from the Yaris and the Corolla. The exterior design is not trendy or bold but it is aerodynamic and will improve fuel efficiency. This will appeal to the practical nature of many buyers.

The Auris provides better cabin space than what its aerodynamic exterior design suggests. Head and legroom is good all-round with plenty of storage compartments strategically placed within the cabin.

The rear floor design provides rear seat passengers with additional room as well, and the large hatch provides a practical boot space for carrying cargo. The instrumentation is well layed-out and functional. Steering-wheel mounted controls are exceptionally easy to use.


The Auris will be relatively inexpensive to own and operate. Toyota tends to produce reliable vehicles that require mostly routine maintenance. Insurance rates should be low as well and the Auris should deliver good fuel economy.

The Toyota-Auris provides excellent cabin space. Front and rear passengers have more than ample head and legroom. The Auris’ hatch opens up to a large boot space providing a very practical storage area. Various storage compartments are scattered throughout the cabin.

The Auris’ switchgear is simple and straightforward. The car’s buttons and dials are easy to use and have a quality feel. Higher spec models offer cruise control and a speed limiting feature.

The Toyota Auris is a comfortable vehicle with good cabin space and a fully adjustable driver’s seat. The steering column is also fully adjustable making it easy for almost anyone to find a comfortable drive position. The seats are large and comfortable and the rear seats recline. The Auris was designed with comfort in mind.

The Auris is an easy car to park. The drive position provides good all-round visibility making it easy to park even in more crowded places.

Life Style

The diesel option offers the best driving experience and better performance. In town the 1.6-litre petrol unit may deliver better results but tends to struggle on more challenging terrain.

The Auris makes an ideal family car. It provides adequate seating and head and legroom. The hatch opens up to an ideal cargo space designed to carry family type items. The Auris is reliable and affordable making it an excellent family vehicle.

The Auris would make a good first car. It is easy enough to drive and navigate. It is not too powerful and is affordable to run and insure. Not all novice drivers will find the Auris exterior design appealing.

Toyota is well known for the excellent build quality of their vehicles. The firm produces cars that are dependable, reliable, and affordable to run. The Auris is likely to continue this long standing tradition.

Security and Safety

The Auris comes standard with remote central locking and an engine immobilizer. Higher spec models receive a security alarm and some models boast a smart-entry system and a keyless start feature.

The Auris’ standard safety features include nine airbags, ABS, EBD, and BA. Other safety features include traction control and Isofix child seat mountings. Child-proof door locks are also standard on rear doors.

The Finishing Touches

The Auris’ standard audio system includes a radio/CD player. Higher spec models include six speakers and steering-wheel mounted controls. Sat-nav is also standard on higher spec models. Cost options include a sound system upgrade with iPod compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Auris also comes with a limited choice of exterior colours and a choice between three trim specifications. The cabin materials are durable and sturdy but do not feel expensive.




The Auris provides a good deal of cabin space for a vehicle in the C-segment. The driving experience is not the greatest but considering the Auris’ safety record, reliability, high residual value, and inexpensive running costs definitely make the Auris worthy of consideration.